Problem of the Week Rules

   Each week I will post a "Problem of the Week".  The Problem of the Week is a challenging word problem contest.  The Problem of the Week, or POW, will be posted both online and in the classroom.


Rules of Problem of the Week (POW):

1.  Each student may only answer the POW once (the first answer is the only one that will be graded).

2.  Answers must either be emailed to or submitted in the classroom by Friday of each week at 2:20 (no late entries will be considered).

3.  If necessary, answers must be rounded to the nearest hundredth.  (ex.  9.12345 should be submitted as 9.12).

4.  The first student to submit the correct answer will move up 2 rungs on the POW Ladder.

5.  Students who submit the correct answer, but are not the first, will move up 1 rung on the POW Ladder.

6.  Prizes will be determined based upon which rung of the ladder you are on.